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Introducing craftmen of Hida!!

Tadahisa AzuchiTadahisa Azuchi
Souta AzuchiSouta Azuchi
Kohei OkizawaKohei Okizawa
Tadahiro NakanishiTadahiro Nakanishi
Makiko OkizawaMakiko Okizawa
Osamu SuzukiOsamu Suzuki
Masanari SakamotoMasanari Sakamoto
Kaoru MaruyamaKaoru Maruyama
Tadahisa AzuchiA glass artist・Tadahisa Azuchi
tamaki niimeAsking the studio of tamaki niime

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Information on real store

A small gallery started in 2005 by a small furniture factory in Hida Furukawa.
After that, moved to Takayama-shi Kamiokamoto cho in the spring of 2014, renewed as an interior shop that proposes a wide range of lifestyle including furniture, crafts, interior, fashion.
Our theme is "Furniture that you can use forever because of family smile.".
We will carefully select and furnish original furniture and wood accessories to be produced, furniture of Hida that is richly enjoyable for living, such convenient Hida, nice craft accessories, and Japanese sundries and daily necessities.
We will also deliver goods from Japan to the world beyond our borders.

For international shipping, see "International shipping rates" at the bottom of the page.

Manufacture and sales of single-piece wooden furniture
Cutting board Cooking utensils Interior furniture
Pottery Ceramics Dishes  Production
Dining chair for workshop production furniture
Wooden pendant light
Blown glass crafts
Coffee supplies

There is a single piece wooden table and Windsor chair of original furniture we made. They are naturally derived oil paint, and good touch. You can see and touch a lot of other Hida furniture and chairs.

Wood accessories made by Hida's woodworking artists. We recommend ”cutting board”, ”wooden clock” and ”photo heights meter”etc. They use local trees.

Craftsmen who inherited the technique of Hida 's master craftsmanship. Pottery, Glass, Paper etc,Products that local craft artists made carefully can be purchased.

Items carefully selected by HIDA · COLLECTION. We also have tamaki niime's shawls, YAMMA's clothes, coffee tools such as carita and hario.

Address 3-362, Kamiokamotomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0055, Japan
TEL +81-577-57-7555
FAX +81-577-57-7552
OPEN 10:00 - 17:00
Regular holiday Tuesday / Wednesday
Parking Lot