User Guide

About inventory of items

At the time of putting the item in the shopping cart, inventory is not secured. Items with little inventory may be out of stock until you press the "Proceed to checkout" button on the shopping cart. Please note.

About price

We pay the best attention to price display, item description, number of stock etc. However, there is a possibility of canceling your order if there is an error. The selling price will be the price at the time of ordering. We will not change the selling price even if price changes occur after ordering or until delivery.

Combine multiple orders

Please contact us by e-mail if you wish to bundle it if the order is divided into more than one.In addition, we can not do bundling of items that are not ready, such as backordered arrival.

About wrapping

For wrapping request, please choose from items of "wrapping" of each product page.If you have other requests, please let us know by e-mail. We will give you an estimate by listening to the contents.

About gifts, set items

  • There is no warranty for gift items.
  • Returned / exchanged for gift items is not available.
  • We can not take any responsibility in any case, such as damage caused by use of product or inadequate use, cost of installation.

About the case where the order confirmation mail does not arrive

If you do not receive the e-mail from us, the following factors may be considered.
  • The mail address you entered when ordering is different.
  • There was a trouble of the mail delivery service by the provider you used.
  • It is sorted out as junk mail.
Even though I ordered, if you do not receive an order confirmation email etc. from our company, please contact us by e-mail after confirming the above points. * When canceling an order as a reason for not receiving e-mail in the case of shipping products, we will process it as "returned goods refund by customer convenience".

Regarding delivery

  1. Time from order receipt to shipment
    • Products ordered by 14:00 on business days will be shipped within 7 business days.※Reservation is an exception.
    • The shipping work of the shipping company's holiday such as regular holiday of our shop or Saturday, Sunday, holiday etc will be closed off.
    • Delivery may be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.Please contact us if the item does not arrive for more than 2 weeks after receiving shipping completion mail.
  2. About shipping schedule date notification
    • We will contact you if shipping is delayed due to out of stock etc.
    • Basically after checking inventory, we will inform you of the shipping schedule date of the item by e-mail. If there is an error in the registered e-mail address, if refusal to receive e-mail is set, shipping mail from our company may not reach the customer.
  3. When ordering more than once before shipping
    • Multiple orders before shipping will be shipped together in the same packing. If you want to divide delivery, each shipping fee is required.
  4. Shipment policy
    • Packaging materials are made into materials suitable for recycling, and environmental considerations are being carried out.
    • We are minimizing the packing materials of the products, and we will reuse cardboard. Please cooperate with eco activities.

※Remote island and remote areas excluded.

About Delivery Agent

  • Express Mail Service (EMS) of Japan Post
  • Shipping rates depends on the destination area. For shipping rates to your country please check Express Mail Service (EMS) of Japan Post.View Express Mail Service (EMS) rate schedule >>>
  • The shipping charge does not include consumption tax.

For shipping rates

Shipping rates depends on the destination area. For shipping rates to your country please check Express Mail Service (EMS) of Japan Post.View Express Mail Service (EMS) rate schedule >>>

About payment

Credit card transaction

You can use VISA, Master Card, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club. As soon as inventory can be secured, we will move on to shipping business.

About return

In case of initial malfunction of goods or delivery mistake

Initial malfunction of goods Although we pay close attention to shipping items, if any defective items arrive please contact us by e-mail.We can not accept even if we return the item before we reply to the e-mail about returned goods sent from you.Also, as for the exchange of initial defects, we need to contact you with the picture of the defective part within 7 days from the date of product arrival, and we need to send the item to our company within 14 days from the arrival date. Please note that if the period expires, in any case it will be charged fee repair. The initial failure of goods must satisfy the following conditions.
  • Documents enclosed with the item are left. (You can also copy it when you send it)
  • You can prepare all the items that were included in the product at the time of purchase, such as packing boxes, cushioning materials, manuals, accessories.
  • There is no damage to the product inside or outside by customer's handling.
  • It is within 14 days after goods arrival.

In case of returned goods due to customer's convenience

  • Please contact within seven days after goods arrival.
  • As a rule exchange / return after use of goods can not be accepted.