Horny cup Black

It is a representative cup of Tadahiro Nakanishi.

The bottom of the cup draws a gentle curve.

The rim of a cup is warped to the outside, easy to drink.

A standard type of representative work "angular cup" of Tadahiro Nakanishi who is making ceramic at Hida Takayama.
It will be one of your favorite with a cup of moderate size.

It is a cup that Nakanishi who likes coffee made for himself to drink coffee deliciously.
Matt texture and good touch, it will be one of your favorite.

The shape of the cup close to the trapezoid has a sense of stability, and the rim of a cup is narrow so it is high in heat retention.
Coffee extraction temperature is optimum at 85-90 ° C slightly lower.This cup is highly compatible with coffee because of its high heat retention.
The design matches and it is wonderful when it is combined with the pottery saucer of the same craftman.

The glaze on the inside and the outside of the cup is different, It is painted separately.
The finish of the outer glaze is metallic black.
The finish of the inner glaze is glossy milky white.
Enjoy the originality of handmade and the texture that only craftsmen can express.

SizeAbout Diameter80-85mm ✕ Inner diameter70-75mm ✕ Height65-75mm

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Tadahiro Nakanishi's pottery uses red soil.It is made using a powder-spraying method, a glaze with a texture.
Since there are individual differences in each pottery, please order on acknowledgment.
If you wish, we will send you a photo of the shipment schedule by e-mail.




  1. Powder:There is a possibility that the iron contained in the soil or the glaze will ooze out and come out.
  2. Pinhole:It is a hole that can be caused by the air contained in the soil or glaze.
  3. Uneven glaze/Glaze dripping:Because it is handmade one by one, the thickness of the glaze is not uniform.
    The depth of color changes according to the thickness of the glaze.
  4. Gohonte:It is a phenomenon that reacts to oxygen and becomes partly pink. There may be a pinhole in the center.

Horny cup Black

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