Bonnui tray Black walnut (small)

Bonnui tray using natural wood.

Black walnut is very popular among the kinds of furniture used.

There is also a large size, it is good to have a sense of unity when purchasing with a set.

ARTS CRAFT JAPAN Chikara Watanabe's Bonnui tray.
Easy to use with a simple, compact tray.

Place the seasoning, bring cooking, please use it for serving coffee.
The deep color of black walnut has a sense of quality.
Enjoy the originality of handmade and the texture that only craftsmen can express.

SizeAbout 250mm ✕ 250mm ✕ Height20mm

※The shipping fee is not included in the display price.

※Since it is handmade, there is an error in the size, color, and shape of each one.
※There is a possibility that the actual product and color may be different depending on your screen.

Bonnui tray Black walnut (small)

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