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Three flowers are drawn on the side of the mug.

Because the top of the mug spreads, it is easy to use for soup as well as drinks.

Good stability of mug bottom.

A hand-painted mug "flower" series by Makiko Okisawa.
Like baked goods, Makiko Okisawa produce carefully and lovingly one by one.
Soft design that does not feel heavy feeling of clay.
This mug is cute and calming shade like sweets.
Please put milk, cafe au lait, chai and so on.
Matt texture and good touch, it will be one of your favorite.
Please enjoy handmade texture.

<About use>

There is a fine crack pattern in the thick glaze part, and the color may change if the thick color juice penetrates.
Boil the dish for about 10 minutes with the water used to wash the rice.If you use the dish after cooling it, less color penetration.

SizeAbout Diameter105mm ✕ Height55mm

※The shipping fee is not included in the display price.
※Since it is handmade, there is an error in the size, color, and shape of each one.
※There is a possibility that the actual product and color may be different depending on your screen.

Flower mug 001 (large) [CLONE] [CLONE] [CLONE] [CLONE] [CLONE]

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