Horny guinomi (a large size cup for Japanese sake)

Horny glass that was created by imagining an ice block.

A thin drinking mouth and a glass bottom with stability.

Small bubbles are contained in the bottom of the glass.

A blown glass work by Kohei Okizawa.
His work is popular with stylish form glass.
Studio name is 8823 / glass work.
A simple glass that blends into everyday life will improve a little everyday quality.

Guinomi is a large size cup for Japanese sake.
A thin drinking mouth is easy to drink and you can enjoy the taste.
Because it is in the form of an ice cube, this glass match cold liquor.
Artistic glass will satisfy your possession of possession and you will like each time you use this glass.
Please pick up the blown glass carefully created by Japanese craftsmen.

SizeAbout Diameter60mm ✕ Height55mm

※The shipping fee is not included in the display price.

※Since it is handmade, there is an error in the size, color, and shape of each one.
※There is a possibility that the actual product and color may be different depending on your screen.
※Dishwasher / dryer may damage the glass with high temperature water depending on the model, so please do not use it.The glass may break due to rapid temperature change. Please take care.

Horny guinomi (a large size cup for Japanese sake)

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