Whiskey glass Mold

Not only whiskey, you can
enjoy shochu or tea.

Easy to hold in a form that fits

Lip of the glass is thick.


It is a blown glass work produced by Tadahisa Azuchi in Hida region of Japan.
Azuchi Tadahisa's staple items, "Whiskey glass Mold".
It is a very popular work because it is easy to use with a simple form.
There are various ways to drink whiskey.
If you want to drink whiskey on the rocks, We recommend this glass.
You can taste special deliciousness.

There are individual differences in the size of this work, the width of the pattern.
If you already have this and want to buy more, please let us know the size.
We will prepare works of near size.

サイズ About Diameter60~85mm × Height80~85mm

※The shipping fee is not included in the display price.

※Since it is handmade, there is an error in the size, color, and shape of each one.
※There is a small probability that the glass contains small black iron powder.
   However, even if it is included, it is not a defective item.
※There is a possibility that the actual product and color may be different depending on your screen.
※The difference in size is about 1 cm different between the minimum and the maximum.

Whiskey glass Mold

3,500  (Excluding tax)
Price in points: 3500 points
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Minimum quantity for "Whiskey glass Mold" is 1.

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