Glass pendant light Octagonal bottle Long (E17)

Pendant light made with blown glass.

It is Octagonal bottle Long type of Glass pendant light produced by Sota Azuchi.

Product design is antique style.

It is a pendant light of blown glass produced by Sota Azuchi in Hida region of Japan.
The yellowish coloration by glass formulation and technique makes me feel nostalgia of antique glass.
Octagonal bottle Long type can be either hung or placed.
The corner radius in the bottle is just right.
The fluctuation processing of the glass surface projects the gradation of the light.
Classical design changes the space into a relaxed atmosphere.
Please enjoy handmade texture.

SizeAbout Diameter75mm ✕ Height140mm

※The shipping fee is not included in the display price.

※Since it is handmade, there is an error in the size, color, and shape of each one.
※There is a small probability that the glass contains small black iron powder. However, even if it is included, it is not a defective item.
※There is a possibility that the actual product and color may be different depending on your screen.
※The difference in size is about 1.5 cm different between the minimum and the maximum.
※The bulb base size is E17 type.
※The length of the cord is 70 cm.
※Light bulb comes with 10 W clear light bulb.(Light bulbs will accommodate up to 60W.)※The plug is type A.

Glass pendant light Octagonal bottle Long (E17)

15,000  (Excluding tax)
Price in points: 15000 points
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